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Our Mohair Girths are handmade here in California using premium 100% Mohair and stainless steel hardware. We can make any size in a variety of colors. Prices change depending on size. Listed are colors available but they are not always in stock so please message us for current colors in stock. If you order a color not in stock we will message you with options or cancel your order if we don’t have the color you want.

Regular Style: 14 strand girth with accent colors at end and middle. 

Roper Style: Double strands with a wider center and narrower top for better weight distribution.

Free N Easy: Girth especially made for FnE V Girthing systems with a different length of front and back billets. Please choose size of longer portion of girth and write in the notes on your order the shorter portion size. 


Please contact us for - 

Split Style: Girth is only attached in the center. Then two separate pieces come out to the buckles. Fantastic and advised for a V girthing system or a Criss Cross system. Allows girth to follow the path of your billets. Not advised if your billets come straight down together. 

Longer Buckle backs: Additional length above the buckle back with additional nylon keeper. 

No Buckle Back: Optional no buckle back sewn on. 



Items are custom made for you so they may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to ship out. Please e-mail us for a exact shipment time. 

Multiple colors and custom patters are available, please contact us for more information. 

HnW Girths and Cinches have been used in events like Tevis, 100 miles rides and multi day rides. Very successful endurance riders like Karen Chaton and Dave Rabe use them. Many riders after using our girths and cinches report no longer having girth rubs or heat / friction issues, better saddle stabilization and happier horses. No product will fix issues for every horse. If you have a horse having girth problems please contact us for possible solutions. 


What is mohair? 
Mohair is the lustrous and strong hair of the Angora goat. Often referred to as the "diamond fiber," the distinctive properties of mohair have made it a highly desired fiber for clothing and home furnishings. Prior to the development of synthetics, mohair was the fiber of choice for horse cinches. Due to the increased demand for quality products, today's saddle makers and horseman have rediscovered the benefits of mohair for cinches and girths, as well as breast collars and reins.

• Natural fiber.
• Is hair and will not shrink like wool.
• Soft luxurious hand and rich luster combine with great durability for a long lasting product.
• High affinity for dyes, produces exceptional colors.

• Resilient, is not easily crushed or matted.

• Wicks moisture.
• Horses appear to like the smell.


Refunds on custom items are only accepted in new condition within 30 days and have a 40% restocking fee. 

Great Value

Written by Karen K on 6th Sep 2019

They are pretty, perfectly functional and safe for my horse's skin, and they stand up to some serious use!


Written by Heather R on 27th Feb 2019

Elicia made me a beautiful girth and matching reins. The reins are so soft in my hands, I love them.

Mohair Girths

Written by Jo on 13th Feb 2019

The quality on these girths is incredible. I haven't had a single girth gall since I started using them (including on a 200 mile/ 4 day) ride. They are also really durable. I accidentally put them through the washer and dryer, which is not a good idea, but they held up beautifully despite my abuse.

Awesome custom girth

Written by Cyd Ross on 13th Feb 2019

I've put a year of solid riding on this girth and it has held up remarkably well. No complaints from my super sensitive horse, excellent quality, and very happy with how willing Elicia was to work with me on a custom size and answer my questions about caring for the girth. Ridden in all conditions, and up to 75 miles at once, no problems. Thank you!

Mohair Roper Style Girth

Written by Diane Stevens on 6th Jul 2018

These girths are top notch! The workmanship is excellent and the color combinations available are endless makes owning many very easy! I have used this girth on five different horses without any issues at all. I'm looking forward to ordering another in purple for my stud muffin. Cheers, diane xoxo

Mohair girth

Written by Aurora Grohman on 13th Jan 2017

Absolutely love these beautiful handmade pieces. Have put lots of miles on my girths by HnW and they hold up beautifully

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