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Virtual Endurance Ride

Wild West is hosting a virtual endurance ride! Join us online for some fun riding our horses at home while social distancing. Sign up by clicking the link below for the ride you want to enter. Multiple award choices are available which will help us cover the hard costs like fees and awards purchased for this years cancelled Wild West Ride.  

To Enter: Purchase your entry by clicking the appropriate link below. Complete your ride and e-mail us your GPS tracks, a screenshot of them or a link to them. Then watch on our Facebook page for your standings. Awards will be mailed out after the ride but depending on the popularity it could take up to a month to arrive depending on availability. 

1 day ride done June 18-21 One day Virtual Ride

10 Day challenge done June 18th - June 28th. 10 Day Virtual Challenge


Did you see something cool on our website that you want to order? Virtual ride participants receive free shipping on any additional items they purchase. Your order will ship with your award. Use code -    freeship    - at checkout. You will choose your shipping method and the coupon will then discount that amount from your total. 


If you ride with friends please practical social distancing. While this is not a endurance ride please treat it like one and make sure your horse has adequate rest, food and water during the ride for the distance they are completing. Please use caution and if your horse is not acting normal return home and call a vet if needed. If you can, take a stethoscope along with you and pulse your horse into a rest stop during the ride. If your horse does not come down to 60 in what is their normal amount of time or 30 min please stop and don't continue the ride. If your horse remains above their normal pulse rate or 60 when at home at rest please call your vet. If your horse does not eat and drink normally after the ride please call your vet.