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Wild West is excited to introduce our Scoop. It's made out of waterproof canvas in a variety of colors with polypropylene webbing in a matching or contrasting color. There is a webbing strap at the back with a carabiner to attach it to your saddle with a small loop at bottom for additional attachment. The heavy webbing sewn down the back makes the bag stiff and the double webbing at the top make it hold its shape so your horse can drink out of it. The plastic D at the front can clip to the carabiner to keep it from flopping on your saddle and you can then hook a sponge leash to so you can scoop from a trough while on your horse. With the D clipping the bag closed use it as a last-minute saddle bag for a jacket or dropped boot on the trail. 

∙ Scoop water to cool your horse down

∙ Scoop from in the saddle by attaching a leash

∙ Bucket for your horse to drink from

∙ Saddle Bag

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