Ride FAQ

Here's some commonly asked questions. Thanks for reading. If you still have questions please contact us at wildwestendurance@gmail.com

Mask policy: You will be required to wear a mask at all times in the vet check and ride management area. 


How do I enter the ride: Entries open April 3rd. To sign up please purchase your spot with a $50 deposit at www.wildwestendurance.com/wild-west-spot/ Then fill out the entry form and mail it in with your check for the balance of the spot $550. Total ride cost is $600


What if the spot at the link above isn't available: Then the ride is probably full. Please sign up for our waitlist at https://forms.gle/bDEExyyKuc756wVU6


How many spots are there: Currently there are 30 spots available. We may release a few more, it depends on the event size restrictions put in place by the country and state. If we're only allowed to have 50 people at the ride we will have to enforce the policies strictly to not go above numbers. If we're allowed to have 100 people things like add on entries will be unlimited and parking will be lax. With only 30 rigs in the campground if we're allowed to have 100 plus there will be plenty of parking space and people won't have to worry about leaving before the next days rider they sold a day to arrives. We don't control this, we just have to make sure we stay legal so the event can happen. 


What if I want to bring my significant other to the ride: As we currently do not know how limited our numbers will have to be the policy is one person per one spot. But.... your significant other can come if they agree to volunteer during the day to help with the vet checks. They are welcome to crew when you come in of course, but do need to stick around as long as we need them. As they are taking the spot of someone willing to drive in just to volunteer. If we are allowed a larger number of people than expected this policy will be lifted. 


What's the deal with this deposit: To save your spot in the ride and limit our numbers you sign up by buying a $50 deposit on our website. Your deposit is non-refundable if you choose to cancel before June 4th and we will tear up your check. There's upfront costs to putting on a ride so if Covid prevents the ride from happening we will issues all spot holders a $50 gift certificate to the store good for anything. You won't get cash back but this way I won't go under and you'll still get something cool. Now if I cancel the ride you will get cash back, that's on my head, but that's extremely unlikely. At any point you can sell your spot to someone else. If you do this they don't have to put down a new deposit, that's already been paid. So your welcome to sell it for the full $600 and get your full amount back. Easiest way is to have them pay you the $50 deposit and send us a new $550 check with their entry form to replace yours. 


So if i buy a spot then sell a day to someone else and they cancel what happens: The person buying the spot is responsible for covering the cost of the spot. The ride will tear up their check if the spot holder cancels before June 4th. If the spot holder sells a day to someone else it's up to them to set the policy with the person they sell it to. They could say that once sold there are no cancellations and the person buying the day is responsible for selling it on. Or they could tell the person buying the day they can cancel up to the date they set and then the spot holder could sell it to someone else. Whatever the spot holder chooses to do is how it goes. The spot holder is responsible for the cost of the spot. 


I want to come but only ride one day: We are not offering one day entries this year. Please fill out the form on our waitlist and if anyone is looking to sell a day we will give them your e-mail address. https://forms.gle/bDEExyyKuc756wVU6 . And join our facebook group to connect with others going to the ride.  www.facebook.com/groups/wildwestendurancerides/


I want to come with my spouse/family member/friend and we want to ride two days together: Your spot is good for one entry per day. So to ride with someone coming in your trailer you will need to purchase an additional entry for them for that day for $150. This keeps our parking and numbers down so we don't go over limit per day. If we have low restrictions on event numbers this option may not be available. But if we're clear you can add days for anyone in your trailer at any time including at the ride. 


What if my horse gets pulled day 1 and I had a whole spot: You can sell off days at any point including at the ride. 


I can't afford a spot: We do have a few work for a discount positions available for locals. Or please join our facebook group to connect with people wanting to sell spots www.facebook.com/groups/wildwestendurancerides/ . And fill our our wait list form so we can share you e-mail address with people selling spots. https://forms.gle/bDEExyyKuc756wVU6


I saw someone trying to sell their spot for way over the price: Please tell us. They won't be invited back. 


My horse has great feet do we really need hoof protection: Yes and we require it. The trails are very rocky in spots and we don't want you to find the rock with your name on it. We don't specify what type of hoof protection but you need to have something in case you need it. 


Is there any food: No. Unfortunately because of covid we will not be providing any food this year. 


What about ride meetings: We will be having ride meetings but are trying to get a microphone and speakers. We will encourage people to spread out over the whole vet check area instead of bunching up. If you feel comfortable please come as we give away prizes from our lottery table to riders that are present. 


Trail changes: We're still working on a trail plan but hope to repeat a few loops on our easier trail to have more checks in camp. Current plans subject to change: Day 1 will be a new loop out to our favorite view trail, all checks in camp. Day 2 will be our normal orange loop in the Chalk Bluff area, all checks in camp. Day 3 will be a new way of doing the Lone Grave trails with the main check in camp and second check at Lone Grave. Day 4 will be the normal Bear Valley day with the main check in camp and second check at Bear Valley.