Buff - tubular head scarf

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BLUE SOLD OUT. This versatile piece of gear is a staple for many riders. Wear it as a dust face shield, beanie, a neck warmer, a balaclava, a do-rag, a headband, and even more. And of course given our current situation it makes a useful makeshift face covering. It's great for under any type of helmet whether your on a horse, bicycle, dirt bike or motorcycle. Are you hot, dunk it in water for a quick cool down. So many uses in a fun stylish package

Our buffs are available in several different designs. The prints are photos from outdoors or on the trail taken by fellow trail riders and ride photographers. Thanks to everyone that let's us use their photos. 

Check out https://coolofthewild.com/how-to-wear-a-buff/ to see more detail on how to wear a buff


Written by Molly Smith on 26th Jun 2020

Absolutely beautiful and functional. I love it!!

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