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Rump Rug

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Our Rump Rugs are made of a waterproof breathable exterior fabric and a warm fleece lining. They have two ties to attach the rug to your back D rings on any saddle, weighted back corners and a tail strap to keep the rug in place even on windy days. After your horse warms up use our simple elastic and button system to roll the rug up where it sits snug next to your saddle not adding extra heat to your horse. It comes in every color and in multiple prints to match any horses tack and personality. 


Show in the pictures are some of the colors available. There are also lots of prints. More images to come soon. Please contact us for now. 


Custom Order Item: May take 2-4 weeks to arrive. 

Beautiful, Functional Rug!

Written by Shawna on 16th Mar 2016

Elicia does great work! First, I picked fabric. Then she asked for my horse's measurements, second-guessed me when I got them wrong, and helped me figure out exactly how to measure. A few weeks later, I got a tidy little package in the mail--my new rug! It's got a tough, waterproof, beautiful fabric on the top. It's a little bit rustle-y, but my horse got used to me fidgeting with it quickly. It's got both non-stretchy ties to tie it to the saddle and stretchy elastic loops to wrap around the rolled-up rug when it's not in use, then secure to butons. The back corners are weighted, and there's an under-tail strap that even comes undone on one side with velcro, so you can theoretically remove it and roll it up and secure it without leaving the saddle. I'm not sure I'm talented enough to do it, but it's theoretically possible! She's really thought of everything. But when I thought of one more thing, reflective stripes so it can add to the gaudy reflective gear we use for riding at night, Elicia was happy to add some on for just the tiny cost of materials, and it looks GREAT! I love it, and so does my horse!

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