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Welcome to the Wild West 10 day Virtual Challenge. A social distancing challenge where you ride from your house or local trails by yourself or keeping a safe distance from friends. To Enter: choose the award you would like. You must be entered by 10pm Fri June 19th. Then complete the challenge and send us a e-mail by 8pm Sun June 28th. Send the e-mail to wildwestendurance@gmail.com and include exercise information and your GPS tracks, a link to them or a screenshot of them. Ideally attach a photo of your ride as well. Results will come out early the next week and awards will be mailed out after. Depending on what award you choose and how many sign up it may take up to a month to receive it if we have to make up more stock. 

This is a 10 day motivational exercise challenge. It starts June 18th and will end the evening of June 28th. Every day you exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes or 1 mile. You choose what you do each day. For example riding, yoga, weightlifting, hike, bike, muck stalls etc. 4 of the 10 days of exercise must be riding your horse for a minimum of 1 mile on the trail or in the area. There is no maximum length of ride and you could ride a horse every day for the 10 days. If your horse is not going under saddle or able to be ridden you may substitute other activities like hand walking, lunging, round pen or ground work for the riding. You may enter the virtual one day ride as well and your mileage will count for this challenge. Use your GPS or phone app each time you ride and save your tracks or take a screenshot. Keep track of what type of exercise you do each day and the amount of time or length. At the end of the of the challenge Sun June 28th 8pm send me a e-mail with what you did. Example, Day 1: Yoga 30 min, Day 2: arena ride 1.5 mile,  Day 3: 2 mile hike, Day 4: 5 mile trail ride, Day 5: 30 min mucking stalls, Day 6: 1 mile treadmill, Day 7: arena ride 1 mile, Day 8: Yoga 30 min, Day 9: 10 mile trail ride, Day 10: 1 mile walk. 

In addition to your award choice everyone who completes the challenge will receive a kitchen towel with challenge logo to celebrate their accomplishment!

Award choices and cost (includes shipping / PayPal or credit card fees) For more information on what an item is or to see bigger pictures of the color choices please click the link. 

Buff Entry: $12  A tubular neck scarf / neck gaiter. This versatile piece of gear is a staple for many riders. Buff - tubular head scarf

Cooling Neck Wrap Entry: $18 These cooling neck wraps just need to be dunked in water to activate the powerful cooling beads. Tie it around your neck and you're ready to enjoy your ride on a hot day. Cooling Neck Wrap

Throw Blanket Entry: $34 Snuggle up in this light weight fleece blanket that's personalized with your name and your horses name. Keep it in your trailer or by the couch, we're sure you'll want to show it off. Personalized Throw Blanket

If you would like to purchase an additional award you can do so by clicking any of the above links and adding the item to your cart. This is the link to the regular priced item that does not include a entry. Then please enter the coupon for free shipping as your entry covers the shipping. COUPON CODE:    freeship    You will choose your shipping method and then the coupon will discount that amount from your total. Did you see something cool on our website that you want to order? Virtual ride participants receive free shipping on any additional items they purchase. Your order will ship with your award. Use code -    freeship    - at checkout.

If you ride with a buddy please practice social distancing. You may send one e-mail of tracks for everyone on your ride, just please clearly list the names and distances everyone is competing. You may choose to compete in a team. Your team does not have to ride together and your individual completion is not impacted by whether or not your team completes. This is a motivational fundraiser for the Wild West ride. Your "award" is considered an item you have purchased and you receive it even if you don't submit your mileage. Do you live outside of the US? International participants are welcome. E-mail us to sign up and inquire about international shipping rates on awards.

To enter the one day ride: One day Virtual Ride

Week Long Endurance Ride

Written by Katie on 29th May 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this event! I was able to ride over three days. I was able to ride away from home for my longer distance and rode the other two days on my personal property. As a healthcare worker directly involved in the pandemic response, I have limited free time for the immediate future. This allowed me to ride as my schedule allowed, even if just a few miles. It was great motivation and I would definitely do it again! Thank you!

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